The Head of the NAQA visited Bavarian State Minister of Education, Science and the Arts in Munich

On July 8, 2019 the Head of the NAQA Serhit Kvit had meeting with Ministerialratin Charlotte Harbich andRegierungsrat Dr. Benjamin Roger at Bavarian State Minister of Education, Science and the Arts in Munich. German experience in independent accreditation agencies functioning was discussed at this meeting. There are 10 higher education accreditation agencies in 16 German Lands and these quality assurance agencies are registered on EQAR (European Quality Assurance Register for Higher Education). These agencies conduct accreditation process, but the final decisions of these agencies are approved by FederalGerman Accreditation Council (GAC)which has the statutory task of organizing the system of higher education quality assurance through accreditation, contributes to the development in the quality of teaching and learning in Germany and cooperates in the realization of the European Higher Education Area. The NAQA is researching German and other European countries experience in order to develop concept and policy of independent accreditation agencies accreditation in Ukraine.